Topographic organization of single-neuron projectome for mouse prefrontal cortex

  • Description of the project

The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is the executive center for high-level cognitive functions in mammalian brains. The diverse and crucial functions of PFC are directly supported by the broad and complex axon projections of individual PFC neurons. In the past, large-scale mapping of single-neuron projectome from imaging data at tera-byte scale has posed a formidable challenge. In the current study, we developed Fast Neurite Tracer (FNT), a pipeline customized for high-throughput projectome reconstruction with advanced fMOST imaging technology. This allowed us to rapidly reconstruct the axon morphologies of over 6,000 individual projection neurons, extensively covering entire PFC. We systematically characterize single-neuron projectome of mouse PFC, mapping out new PFC subdomains and their connectivity at an unprecedented resolution and scale. Our study will have profound implications in our understanding of PFC functions as well as fundamental organizational principles of the brain.

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  1. Fast Neurite Tracer (FNT)


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