Single-neuron morphological diversity underlying the connectivity network of mouse prefrontal cortex

  • Description of this study

The structures of dendrites and axons form the basis for the connectivity of neural network, but their precise relationship at single-neuron level remains unclear. In this study, we report the complete dendrites and axons of near 2,000 neurons in mouse prefrontal cortex (PFC). We identified morphological variations of dendrites and axons across laminar layers and PFC subregions, and the general rules of dendritic scaling with cytoarchitecture. We uncovered 25 morphologically distinguishable dendrite subtypes in 1,500 pyramidal projection neurons, and 406 non-pyramidal projection neurons including horizontal, vertical, spiny stellate, and subplate neurons with unique axon projection patterns. Furthermore, correspondence analysis between dendrite and axon subtypes revealed their coherent and independent morphological changes. Finally, integrative dendrite-axon analysis uncovered the organization of potential intra-column, inter-hemispheric, and inter-column connectivity among projection neuron types in PFC. Together, our study provides a comprehensive structural repertoire for the reconstruction and analysis of PFC neural network.

  • Data availability

All reconstructed dendrites of PFC projection neurons used in this study are available here.

Axons of these PFC projection neurons can be visualized and downloaded from